Shifting from on-premises system to Cloud ERP

While making a future plan to move from your on-premise system to a cloud ERP system

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Retail Solution

KENMerchant™ Help Managing Your Retail Operations Effortlessly

In the present day, the challenge for most of the retailers is to ensure a healthy margin by strengthening loyalty and improving customer experience. For revolution in retail industry, the availability of cutting edge tools and the paradigm shift in consumer behavior are the main reasons. By leveraging the powerful ERP solutions, retail companies get cloud support. Without making investments in infrastructure like server, firewall, licensing, anti-virus, etc. retail operations can be managed online using a centralized database.

Swash offer cloud based retail management ERP solution. KENMerchant™ to tackle all the challenges faced by the retail industry today. point of sales covers up the most important aspects of inventory management like customer data, finance, store operation and others. The industries which require constant organized maintenance and work process, this solution serves as a constant automated support to streamline the work process and to boost the efficiency. The solution includes managing order, customer data, all product inventory and integrating every sales channel marketplace, online store, and linking with operation, warehouse and suppliers. To get more details about our retail product, please click here.

By providing flexible system with all the functionality to deliver an Omni-channel strategy retailers are able to increase sales, enhance operations along reducing costs. Our advanced delivery models and technological process provides an extra edge to the retail industry to be ever profitable and ready for every challenge which the industry faces time and again. To get more details about Swash's technological platform, development and models, click here.