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We delivering exclusive and innovative software solutions to enterprises irrespective of their size and growth.

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We are global leader is providing enterprise cloud solutions. We help our clients to run their business in a more effective way with our unique IT services. We have successfully implemented our on-demand Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, which integrates Human Resource Management, Finance Management, Asset Management, Inventory Management, Customer Relationship Management, Document Management, Production Management etc. Our software solutions enable our happy clients to streamline their internal operations & facilitate transparent communication among their team members.

The general objective of our software solutions is to allow customers to have full access into the project consistently. By dividing the projects into equal cycles, we are able to concentrate on all parts of the business in detail. Our Client’s professionals are led by our project analysts and experts to meet the progress easily and on time.

Throughout the years we have developed our product business process to a level where we can truly assess the size and cost of a project ensuring that we are able to provide it on time. Swash has successfully handled more than 500 projects for more than 200 clients globally.

Our clients around the world are using our services, which includes Cloud Services, SharePoint Services, Big Data Analytics, Enterprise Mobility Services, and Digital Marketing Services like website development, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Pay-per-click Services, Online Reputation Management, and Conversion Rate Optimization etc. Swash’s Success Stories are based on the business problem faced by the clients and how Swash resolved their problem by offering appropriate solutions to meet their needs.