Shifting from on-premises system to Cloud ERP

While making a future plan to move from your on-premise system to a cloud ERP system

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Frequently Ask Questions

Why should I get associated with Swash?

Swash Convergence Technologies Ltd., a Microsoft & Nasscom Partner, is a pioneer and a trendsetter in the field of software solutions globally. With a rich history of developing and delivering enterprise based software solutions and year around consulting services worldwide, Swash is counted today as a leader among top and most renowned IT solution providers with most demanded cloud based custom Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions which integrates some of the most complex work sectors of different business organizations.

Why should I join KENCloud™ Partner Program?

KENCloud™ Implementation partner program has been designed keeping in mind the key elements of Entrepreneurial success carefully crafted to suit the demographics of various business types and segment of INDIA. The Implementation Partnership program KENCloud™ from the house of Swash Convergence Technologies Limited is highly appreciated and recognized because of its detailed process and transparency in what they communicate, commit, process and deliver.

  • We provide to our Implementation Partners a key to gain success in every element that KENCloud™ offers
  • Appropriate share of market is provided to every individual Implementation Partner ensuring appropriate mapping of demographics and business prospects to a partner.
  • Team KENCloud™ strives for quality and ethics at all times and also ensures the same through every association in its environment
What is the role of an Implementation Partner?

The Implementation partners are to be treated as strategic and marketing partners. KENCloud™ range of explore 21 solutions is distributed exclusively via its Implementation and Channel Partner networks. They will interact with the prospective customer at various stages that focus on sources of ROI and income

  • IDENTIFY-ONBOARD: Lead Referral & Sales Closure
  • CONSULT-IMPLEMENT: Requirement Analysis & Installation and Training
  • MAINTAIN-SUPPORT: Recharge & Refill and Customization through Partner On Record
What are the income opportunities of an Implementation Partner?

The KENCloud™ partner program is designed such that our Implementation Partners can see profit level soaring high in no time. The key elements of focus for sources of ROI (Return of Investment) and income is as provisioned in details below:

The commission range for the products will range from 7.5% to 15% based on the type, kind and section of the product. For every phase of the customer life cycle initiated through the lead source to the continuance of association of the customer with KENCloud™ the flow of revenue is always shared at all its stages to our implementation partner.

How do I apply or register for the Implementation Partner program?

Application prospectus can be availed at the declared branches of AXIS bank or directly through the partner website and can also be procured through online orders with payment options of ‘Cash On delivery’.

How do I locate the nearest Axis branches where the forms are available?

Please visit to check the list of branches of Axis banks and locate your nearest branch to avail the Application form for KENCloud™ Partner Program.

What is the joining fee for Implementation Partnership?

The total outlay of the program is INR 4995 (Rupees four thousand nine Hundred Ninety Five Only) which combines the cost of application prospectus being INR 995.00 (Rupees Nine Hundred Ninety Five Only) and refundable EMD (Earnest Money Deposit) for the value of INR 4000.00 (Rupees Four Thousand Only). The application is to be submitted with a second refundable EMD2 (Earnest Money Deposit) of INR 20000.00 (Rupees Twenty Thousand Only) in the form of Demand Draft, Pay Order, Cheque drawn in favor of SWASH Convergence technologies Limited, Payable at Mumbai or at PAR.

When do I get the Refund and how?

The applicants who will not be qualifying for the program will be refunded the EMD1 and EMD2 amounts with 5 working days of last date of scrutiny as defined in the time line in the form of DD/PO/NEFT/RTGS.

What is the investment requirement to become an Implementation Partner?

The Implementation Partner Program One Time partner registration cost of INR 24000.00 (Twenty Four Thousand Only) which is established from the EMD1 and EMD2 paid during application.

In phase II of the program for Implementation Partner gets them the benefit of Stock Value of INR 300000.00 (Three Lakhs Only) for an investment of INR 125000.00 (One Lakh Twenty Five Thousand Only). There are also stock finance options available for IP on their initial investment based on the schemes that are provided for each category. The total stock value provided to each qualified partner will be as per the chart provided below.

Stock provisioning sheet:

  • Unpaid Sock (Credit): INR 175000.00
  • Paid Up Stock* : INR 125000.00
  • Total Stock in Hand : INR 300000.00

*Finance scheme available based on scheme codes

Will be I provided with any kind of training sessions by Swash?

When you become a valued partner of KENCloud™ network, it is the responsibility of team KENCloud™ to train and mentor you regarding the products, sales process, implementation process and maintenance.

These hands-on workshops and training programs will be delivered by KENCloud™ team at No-Fee to our new Partners at top ranked and reputed institution in the country with other newly selected partners of your chosen operational area. This 5-6 day training programs will consist of live Webinars, presentations, live demo, skill and product trainings etc. This training ensures to enhance, equip, build and hone your skills and capabilities for appropriate handling and management of KENCloud™ customers and enterprises. Participants will have access to our knowledge environment during training and simulation 24x7. On Successful completion of this stage of on boarding we will deploy the Go-To-Market strategy for the partners and have the necessary stock invoiced and mapped.

What are the other support the company can provide me with?

Our Implementations partners will be provided will all kinds of Branding, Marketing, Lead sharing and other support from the company. We’ll run nationwide and regional campaigns and promotions as and when required. Following are the support provided by us:

  • Referral bonus
  • Lead support
  • Marketing Support (Digital/SEO/ Branding /Print Advertisements)
  • Office set up Investment (Based on Clubs)
  • Career growth path
  • Extra credit can be allowed for stock holding
  • Office cost sharing
  • Man power support for business development
  • Stock Finance
  • Dedicated Account and relationship Managers
Is there an eligibility criteria for the program?

Specific qualification or experience is not required for the program. Though after receipts of all applications from prospective partners, the same are scrutinized based on the parameters set out for evaluating the value of the partner in the KENCloud™ Partner ECOSYSTEM with focus on key skills of local networking depth, marketing and Sales skills, Commitment drive, Need Analysis and other KPI that have been identified for selection of the most appropriate associate and partner for the program along with third party verification of the information and details provided in the application

Who can join the Partnership Program?

This program is built and designed for the empowerment of Woman entrepreneurs in our ecosystem, a special enabler to allow the woman of today who are housewives, students, professionals and individuals to initiate a new dimension of enterprise in their stride to success, also Students to pursue the road of entrepreneurship, to enable them to define, pursue and secure a prosperous career and begin the journey on their pathway to success and a glorious future and for the corporate Professionals, to help them break free from the corporate drudgery, open new avenues of success and be the boss of their own life.

Do I need to have a strong Technical background to be a partner?

We do not necessarily require partners who are Tech-savvy or computer experts. We have our trainings sessions for all the partners that include technical training, skill training in the respective line of focus to enable them to come at par with the requirement of the cloud computing industry.

Do I have to sign any agreement after getting selected as Implementation Partner?

Yes, you have to sign an agreement form when you will get selected as Implementation Partner that will include basic terms & conditions of our partnership program.

Can I apply for more than one location with one partnership form?

No. Every individual is allowed to apply for only one location with one partnership form. Though, your family members and relatives can apply but with separate forms.

Is it a part time or a full time engagement and do I also need to set up an office for that?

It completely depends to you. You can engage with us as both part time and full time as we are offering this program to empower young entrepreneurs, housewives and also to individuals who are already associated with a business or job, but looking for opportunities for extra earnings and want to become an entrepreneur.

Office setup will not be needed for Implementation Partners.

Can I Apply for the partnership program as an individual or I have to apply as a company?

You can apply for our partnership program both as an individual and as a company. The basic criteria and terms & conditions will remain same for both. If you want to associate more than one person in the eco system of Implementation Partners you can have a corporate enterprise tie up done which allows you to have multiple people selected in your organization to be trained and readied for Go To Market

Will I receive any partner identity proof from the company?

Yes, Team KENCloud™ will send you an appointment letter, your personalized KENCloud™ partnership kit and other marketing collaterals that contains specific information regarding our KENCloud™ products and partnership benefits you are eligible for.

What is the future expansion plan of the company?

KENCloud from the house of SWASH has a growth vision to be a world enabler with its innovative line of products and services. The immediate next 5 year plan allows the partners to participate in more products with which SWASH is going to do a tie up with and also at the same time also be a part of the company when it goes public in the next 2 years.

What would be the communication channel between the company and the partners?

Every partner is associated with our channel sales team which will associate a dedicated account manager and relationship manager mapped to every implementation partner in the eco-system. Other than direct information from your dedicated KENCloud™ team member mapping you will regularly receive updates and service completion reports and emailers from our core team.

You will regularly receive e-mails and notifications regarding any changes in pricing, new schemes or new product launches. A dedicated online console will allow top take care of all activities of your customers, sales, incentives, billing, projections lead locking etc. and also allow you to track your finance and returns through the same portal.

Is there any special discount available for the partnership program?

As one of the INTRO campaigns there are three schemes available to choose from and qualify to. Details of the schemes for each category is as mentioned below for your quick reference.

Regular Schemes-These include Monthly or Limited period offers through various Contests and Points Annual Schemes- There are different schemes for newly joined (0-3 months) KENCloud Club Members and all other members that include Zonal Head Club Member, National Head Club Member, CEO Club Member and Director Club Member.

What are the Rewards & Recognitions of becoming a KENCloud™ Partner?

We have two types of Schemes for our partners:

Regular Schemes-These include Monthly or Limited period offers through various Contests and Points Annual Schemes- There are different schemes for newly joined (0-3months) KENCloud Club Members and all other members that include Zonal Head Club Member, National Head Club Member, CEO Club Member and Director Club Member.

Who would be my point of contact for the company?

We are 24x7 open for your help. Just drop us an e-mail at regarding your queries, and our support executives will revert back to your queries within 24 hour with proper solutions.