Solution for Easy Function of Human Resource Management System

Futuristic Approach towards Effective Human Resource Management

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KENResource™: The Ultimate Human Resource Tool

KENResource™ is a human resource management system (HRMS) - an intersection of human resources and information technology through HR software. I helps you to plan your HR management cost effectively, as well as to manage and control them without allocating too many resources towards it. KENResource™ improves the quality of HR working fields by reducing errors and has a faster processing time to increase the productivity of the employees and also to measure their efficiency with better standards. It ensures futuristic approach towards effective recruitment management, employee management, payroll management, attendance management, training management, performance management, workflow management, appraisal management, and lot more.

The Complete HR Solution

The primary function of KENResource™ involves effectively tracking and implementing employee skill, salary, workability, accomplishments and histories inside an organization. KENResource™ has powerful work modules to integrate every aspect of an employee life-cycle, from first of induction to separation. It reduces the workload, time consumption and needed extra staffing requirements for a Human Resource Management System. With essential security measures and added extra benefits, KENResource™ performs as an all-in-one HRMS software, which also has additional cloud based advantages.

Any Device Any Platform

How does it feel to operate from only a desktop or a web browser? KENResource™ allows you to be synced on all your devices irrelevant to the platform or the device type that you are using. Your access to your resource and planning to recruitment and management as well as your exit is seamlessly managed through our mobility apps specifically designed for your custom need and with relevant branding. Going forward every edition of KENCloud allows API integrations singularity into its web platform for any browser and also at the same time windows 8 or 10 desktop apps.

There are verity mobility apps which allows you not only to administer you complete human capital but also interfaces your employees and prospects through different apps like ESS (Employee Self Service), attendance through mobile etc.